A Bit About Me
I have been working in the area of therapy for over 10 years. My unique, relaxed approach helps my clients work on their specific needs, be that on a physical or emotional level. I harness the power of the universe and combine that with my natural skills and learnt knowledge to make positive change in people's lives. Over several years, I have had a great deal of success with:

Mark Lee - BA (Hons) - PGCE&T - GQHP
phone -  074646 06005
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From an early age I realised that I was different, although it took me many years to realise that that difference is a gift. As a youngster I was very intuitive, later realising that this was a level of physic ability which I had turned my back on. Some 20 years ago, I started to develop my abilities, but being nervous, or even scared of what people may think of me, I turned my back again. As I developed, I realised that it was not important what others thought of me and that life is about what one thinks of oneself. I embraced my differences and worked with them, to create a very relaxed and gentle approach to my therapy.

"At a very weak point in my life, and after months and months of self reflection in my journey to try and make sense of things, I turned to hypnotherapy with a level of scepticism. I had no idea of its effects as when trying it before it had not worked. With Mark it actually took me to another level of consciousness and allowed me to understand things about myself. Mark's calm and quiet nature instilled a sense of trust in him. After just one session, quite a lot of hidden truths that were influencing my life seemed to fall into place, aided by his demeanour and technique. All I can do is say thank you very much and I will be returning for more, as and when I need it."
T J Nicolas. 2020

My Vocation
Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I learnt many skills and that reignited my love of communication at all levels. Also, during this period, I rediscovered my love of self-hypnosis, meditation, quiet time with my thoughts, or whatever people may choose to call it. I dabbled for 12 years while still working in a physical and emotionally taxing job until, in 2020, I had my road to Damascus moment. This was a calling to do what I was always meant to do and heal people who think they are broken; they are not, they are just sometimes damaged either physically or mentally, and often both, as the two things go hand in hand. As a result, I am here to help.

My Practices
I have practices in both Hereford and Gloucestershire. Click here for location and addresses.

My Prices
Initial consultation (including initial treatment) - £50.00
Follow up sessions - £40.00 each

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